KOZAKH was founded in 2013 by Cyntia Kozak, right after she moved to the US.  Originally from Argentina, and with a background in fashion, Cyntia arrived with a head full of ideas but no direction. KOZAKH came to life as a creative outlet for Cyntia, who has been a lifelong accessories lover. When creating her first designs, she didn’t realize that she was outlining the creative direction that would one day be the backbone of her brand. “I wanted to create something that had a modern feel, but was also timeless. I was my first customer, so it had to be affordable, and the kind of jewelry I could live in every day. Quality and materials are things I've focussed on from the beginning.” This type of jewelry is now called “demi-fine,” but back when we started, it was just a concept for a kind of jewelry that was high quality, but still affordable.

KOZAKH now is led by Cyntia, as the sole designer and creative director, and her husband Greg, as the business strategist. Oh yeah, did we mention that Greg was the reason Cyntia moved to the US? This is also a love story.

All of our jewelry is designed and handmade in the US. We put special care into the sourcing of every component that becomes a part of our pieces. We hand pick every gem, pearl, and chain to make sure the quality of our jewelry meets the highest standards. Sustainably and ethically manufacturing our jewelry is an essential part of how we operate our company.